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Why Study A Hairdressing Course in Bondi?

Why Study A Hairdressing Course in Bondi?

You’re probably wondering if being a hairdresser is a worthwhile career or whether a hairdressing course in Bondi is right for you. I’m here to give you the low down on why it’s most certainly a viable career choice for the future.

Firstly, being a hairdresser gives you many social opportunities if you love having a chat with people you’ll never be bored. Secondly, hairdressing has great career opportunities in Australia as well as abroad. Lastly, hairdressers can easily start their own businesses.

Social Opportunities

Being a hairdresser, your days revolve around customers, and with customers comes a ton of social time. For some people, going to the hairdresser is more than just a necessity, you’ll find customers love to chat about their lives or gossip about people they know.

As well as having regulars, there will always be times when you get new customers that come in so you’ll be constantly meeting new people and learning about their lives.

If you’re interested in hairdressing but you’re worried about being shy, don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. Here at AH & B, we provide a high-quality hairdressing course in Bondi. We teach you everything you need to know about interacting with customers, that’s why we’re one of the top choices when seeking a hairdressing course in Bondi.

Career Opportunities

After you take a hairdressing course in Bondi you’ll be prepared to tackle the job market. As the population starts increasing, so does the number of people that need their hair cut! That’s good news for you as you’ll always have job options. Currently, there are 119 jobs available in the Bondi area on only one website, all the more reason to get started at a hairdressing school in Bondi.

Besides having local opportunities there are also chances to work abroad, by pursuing a premium hairdressing course in Bondi you will have the advantage over your peers.

When choosing a career it’s important to think about progression. Starting as an apprentice, it’s possible to work your way up by learning new skills and keeping on top of new trends and training.

After you graduate from our hairdressing course in Bondi, it’s possible to begin working your way up to a senior stylist position and perhaps even become a salon manager. With salon managers earning up to $70,000 a year and sometimes more, it’s not a bad goal to have.

Start Your Own Business

As a graduate of our hairdressing course in Bondi, you’ll be able to consult with clients, sell products and services, design and apply a broad range of hairdressing services to clients, and more. These skills are transferrable in creating a business of your own.

With the knowledge from our hairdressing course in Bondi, you will be equipped with the skills needed to let your creativity shine. With your own business, you have to freedom to create the perfect atmosphere to wow your clients and build a stream of regular customers, all the while getting paid what you deserve.

Here at AH & B, we have arguably the finest hairdressing school in Bondi. Our hairdressing course in Bondi is recognised by the Australian government and therefore a trusted option. If you’re looking for a hairdressing course in Bondi, give us a call on +61 2 9389 0771 or send an email to admin@AHBC.com.au

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