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Why Choose AH&B College

Since 2004, AH&B College has been operating offering exceptional quality courses to students. We pride ourselves on quality training and assessment and believe in boutique-style learning. Our classes are smaller than average so you can gain more time with the educator and build rapport with the educator and other students. This also means that students can gain more assistance than those classes with high numbers. AH&B College is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and we pride ourselves on outstanding quality training and services. Located near the iconic Bondi Beach and close to the heart of the Sydney CBD, we are in a location that is conducive for many students to access. We run hairdressing courses in Bondi as well as business courses and our student flourish with our education into becoming suitably-qualified hairdressers and other business enterprise representatives. Our hairdressing diploma in Bondi is renowned and we achieve high quality training with experienced educators who are passionate about what they do. With the potential to become a leader in the industry or self-employed, we foster a conducive rapport with our students to ensure that they reach their optimum potential and can accomplish their goals. We support our students to become the very best they can and to accomplish their objectives whether it be to work in a salon after hairdressing school in Bondi or to run their own salon.

Why Be a Hairdresser?

Our hairdressing school in Bondi is renowned for producing quality training and turning out experienced students equipped with salient knowledge and skills. Armed with the expertise to work in a salon or run your own salon, you will gain insight into the workings of a salon and how best to manage operations. The world of hair and beauty can be an exciting place and it might be your dream role to be a hairdresser. We at AH&B College can help you achieve that dream. Getting creative with hairstyles and looks is part and parcel of being a hairdresser and additionally, the social side of being a hairdresser is that you can chat with your customers while you work your magic with their hair. Studying a hairdressing diploma in Bondi will equip you with the techniques to truly work a style with the clients’ hair whether you work in a salon, work from home or working in more commercial enterprises. You can also choose to work freelance or a few days a week; your career is in your hands. There are advantages to studying a hairdressing diploma in Bondi and becoming a hairdresser; it opens up a lot of avenues for you. Our hairdressing school in Bondi equips you with the ability to enjoy freedom, flexibility and a career where no two days are the same. You will be helping people feel good about themselves and checking out the latest styles of hair and looks such as the styles of 2020.

Why Use The Salon School at AH&B College

One obvious reason for using the services of a salon school is that you save money on hairdressing. Our AH&B College salon school has students who are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to experiment with hairstyles and looks. Services can cost anywhere from twenty percent to fifty percent cheaper than going to a usual salon and our students can perform shaving, cuts and colouring of hair. You can’t beat the cost of attending our salon school with students who have studied or are studying the hairdressing course in Bondi. If you attend our salon school at AH&B College, you are doing the students a favour by letting them practice upon you and for that reason, prices are low. You’re still gaining premium-quality service because our salon only lets the best hairdressing students work there. Another solid reason to choose to attend our salon school is that you are supporting education and student success. You will be supporting their goals and objectives and students work hard and need the experience of working in a salon to prepare them for their future. With each client, our students get to practice their active listening skills and listen to the clients’ needs and wishes. They also get to put their skills and knowledge to the test. If you choose to attend our school salon, you will help students by boosting their confidence, self-esteem and help set them on a career path that suits them. The newly-educated are bound to know the latest styles and looks/trends and so you just have to have the courage to try it as the students will have the courage to experiment with your hair. Students of the hairdressing course in Bondi are taught the popular styles and trends of 2020 so chances are if you have seen it on Instagram or Pinterest, the students know what you are talking about. Furthermore, for students of the hairdressing course in Bondi at AH&B College, the instructors check everything so the educators instruct students and oversee their work which gives you confidence in their ability to produce outstanding work. For a quality hairdressing diploma in Bondi, see AH&B College and see our salon school for quality work carried out by our current students.

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