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What makes a Quality Hairdressing School Bondi

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Hairdressing is truly an art. From style and shape, culture and cut there’s so much to learn about hair types, varieties and problems. Hairdressers need to be aware of all of the trends that have happened in hair over the years, and the current preferences and popular cuts. Because they are providing a service to their customers, hairdressers also contribute so much to the individuals from our communities. By giving customers care and attention during a haircut, hairdressers change how customers feel about themselves. At AH&B College, we train hairdressers in all the important elements of the artistry of hairdressing. The teachers at our hairdressing school Bondi have many years of combined experiences, having working in salons around Australia. Our teachers have each got unique areas of expertise and share their own unique skill with their students. We pride ourselves on our small class sizes, which give students the opportunity to really get to know our staff and each other. These smaller class sizes also make it easier for students to ask questions and practice their English skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Many students make lifelong peers and friends during their time at AH&B College. These relationships bring a sense of community to study at our school. Staff can also provide advice and information to international students to help ensure they feel settled and safe during their time at our hairdressing school Bondi. We want to equip our students with the skills they will need to set out on their chosen career, and the confidence to make their mark in this exciting and competitive industry.

Certificate in Hairdressing

Studying towards a Certificate in III Hairdressing will provide students with a whole range of practical and transferable skills. It’s a great place to start for those wanting to commence a career as a hairdresser and become a qualified professional. This year-long course is nationally recognised. The fundamentals of the course include how to operate in a hygienic way in a salon, how to manage and organise hair tools and equipment and maintain a workplace that is safe for customers and staff. There’s also a lot to learn about working with other people, providing advice and guidance for hair problems and issues, managing financial transactions associated with a salon and developing a client base. There’s content about colouring: how to lighten hair and how to safely handle bleach. Then, onto the cutting, during which students design cuts and styles, then learn about how to handles styles with increasingly complexity. We teach how to cut with gradients and layers. Each student will have the opportunity to develop their own style and preferences while learning to interpret the instructions and requests they receive from their customer. Another very popular element of the course relates to styling and braiding the hair for events and special occasions. While learning these technical skills, our students are also becoming more confident providing care and physical touch to their customers. Many elements of working in a busy salon are also discussed, with our staff sharing their personal experiences and learnings. There are many options for graduates from our hairdressing school Bondi, joining one of the bigger salons, setting up a small business, travelling interstate or overseas with skills that are totally transferrable, or even going on to become a teacher.


Student testimonials give us a great sense of the wonderful experiences our students have during their time at our hairdressing school Bondi. Commendations for teaching and administrative staff are common. Sue says she received “continuous support” from her “terrific educator” while Simona reported that her teacher made everyone feel comfortable and was very caring. Phrenis says AH&B College have helped her achieve her goals and succeed on her desired path, and is grateful for the education and knowledge she has received. Ana also mentioned the teaching staff in her testimonial, saying he was the “best” and described the nice environment on campus. Other students mention the convenient location of AH&B College, the premier hairdressing school Bondi, which is close to the beach, local cafes and pubs and just a few minutes’ walk from the tram stop.

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