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The Hairstyles of 2020

2020 is the year to try something new, especially as we are coming into Australian spring. The statement hair fashions have been all about the edgy cuts and natural textures. A sense of nostalgia has washed over the world and throwback styles are in. From the iconic fringe styles from the 70’s, to the sleek French bobs are taking over so if you are starting your hairdressing course in Bondi, it is time to take a trip through the ages to learn the throwback styles most popular in 2020. Natural curls are in, from the curly hair TikTok trend, to people letting their natural curls break through- if you or any of your clients have got them, then it is time to flaunt them. That time in iso was also a great time to start growing out that hair, so it is no wonder the side fringe has been making a comeback! Now hairdressers are starting to open and that hairdressing course in Bondi is back on, there is sure to be some beautiful side fringes walking around. It is a great cut to either be dramatic or bold, or just subtle and sweet while working with almost any length. The French bob has also made a huge comeback in the best way, so if you can be sure that if you are attending hairdressing in Bondi that you will need to learn this cut. A stylish way to prep for the oncoming summer months, a stylish French bob is a versatile style that can be styled for work or play. Natural, versatile and time saving, that is the vibe for 2020 and these range of styles are definitely staples to learnt at AH&B College’s hairdressing course in Bondi so you can get ready to give you clients the styles that are sure to make them finish off 2020 with a bang.

The Benefits of Owning Your Own Hairdressing Salon

When it comes to owning your own salon, the hands down best thing is the freedom to make your salon the perfect environment to suit you and your vision. As it is your name on the door, you will be able to make the right decisions for your business model. Is it a low-key salon where you only operate a few days a week or are you wanting to build a high-end salon in busy neighbourhood? Whatever you want to do, you have the freedom to do so when you own your own salon. Best of all, you will be working to make profit for yourself. If owning your own salon is something that have in mind, then attending a hairdressing course in Bondi at AH&B college is the best way to prepare. You will be given all the skills and experience to take your career in the direction that you want too to take. Study a hairdressing course in Bondi to start your salon ownership. Pick your hours, pick your staff, pick your vibe and pick your working environment- the future is your hands. Things to Do Before Opening a Salon

No matter how excited and passionate you are, before you take the first step to owning a salon, there is some groundwork that needs to be laid. First and foremost, you need to learn how about hair, which is why doing the hairdressing course in Bondi at AH&B is an ideal way to start. You will be able to not just start developing the skills on how to cut hair but you will have an excellent environment to start your research on the type of salon you wish to own. The logistics like permits, licenses and all of the considerations that come with setting up your salon in a certain area need to be researched. Also, understanding what kind of salon you want to open will steer you in the right direction of your research. While styling hair takes artistry, you also need to be business savvy. From installing systems for business management, appointment books and money handling to understanding payroll, taxes, superannuation and other important parts of employing somebody if you plan to have other hairdressers working for you. By taking a course like our hairdressing course in Bondi, we can help you start to build your vision that will give you the inspiration to start researching just what you need to bring your salon to life.

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