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Not just a beauty service, hairdressing truly is an artform. With there being so many elements to learn from cutting techniques, varieties of types of hair and the problems they made face along with learning how to style and shape, there is so much that goes into learning how to be a hairdresser. An awareness of trends, past and present, hairdressers need to have this knowledge as they are providing a service for a wide range of different clients. At AH&B College, we know firsthand just how important a good hairdressing experience can be to the confidence, self-esteem and lifestyle of a client, so we ensure that through our hairdressing course in Bondi that all hairdressers that train with us are taught all the elements and artistry of working with hair. Different experiences and perspectives are important to learn, so when it comes to the staff and teachers we have running our hairdressing course in Bondi, we have employed teachers that have many years of experience of working in salons and the industry. Our students have access to a unique range of professionals for teachers, who all have different areas of expertise and can truly give a wide range of skills and perspectives to all our students. We value creating solid bonds between our students and staff, so we keep our class sizes small. This also ensures that our students are able to get all the answers and attention they need to thrive as hairdressers once they are qualified.

Certificate in Hairdressing

For those wanting to kickstart their career as a hairdresser, a Certificate III in Hairdressing is a great course for students to gain a range of practical and transferable skills. By undertaking this nationally recognised hairdressing course in Bondi, that goes for a year and once completed, students will be a qualified professional in the industry. Through the course, students learn salon hygiene, organisation and management of hair equipment and tools as well as maintaining a safe work environment for themselves, other staff and customers alike. Learning how to be a qualified hairdresser is more than just cutting hair and that is why skills about how to work with other people are also taught. How to provide advice and guidance, handle and work through any problems and issues, as well as managing finance in the salon and how to develop a solid base are skills that every hairdresser needs, no matter where they are working. We teach students about colouring and all the associated techniques and safety requirements for handling chemicals like bleach. Of course, we also teach how to cut hair, which is a more in-depth process than people may think. From getting students to be creative with their cuts, as well as handling different types of hair and the complexity of different cuts. These are just some of the techniques we teach, but the aim is that all students that do their hairdressing course in Bondi at our school are able to graduate feeling not just competent in their skills as hairdressers, but comfortable being able to work in a salon environment as well as having their own sense of style and creativity opening them up to follow any path in hairdressing that their heart desires.

The Skills of A Hairdresser

If you have been thinking about becoming a hairdresser, there are some skills and needs that will come in handy if you decide to undertake our hairdressing course in Bondi at AH&B College. The one thing that will be the biggest motivating factor in your success at becoming a hairdresser is a passion for hair, and really the beauty industry as a whole. Those who are the best at their jobs are always learning and developing the skills, exploring their craft and taking on new information so you must have that passion to keep learning as your career goes on. Having an eye for visuals and aesthetics is also a must. Understanding what would suit a client and what looks good is important to be able to make decisions. Even if you have nailed all your technical skills, knowing what will work together is important as clients will often trust your judgement as a professional. It can be as simple as a few strands or just a touch lighter shade to change a whole look, so being detail orientated is a huge advantage. Also being able to work with people is something that you will either have to have naturally or a skill you will need to work on, as you will be dealing with a wide range of people. Commitment and passion to study a hairdressing course in Bondi is a great place to start though, if you are looking to become a qualified hairdresser.

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