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Diploma of Salon Management

If you have embarked on your search for your hairdressing diploma in the Bondi area then do not look any further than AH&B College. Our premium qualification in hairdressing, the Diploma of Salon Management will equip you with all of the know-how on how to successfully manage or even operate your very own salon. Our hairdressing diploma Bondi based boasts national accreditations and is recognised country wide. Our hairdressing diploma is advantageous to individuals as we focus on how to implement marketing activities and manage workplace health and safety. More importantly, to have you ready to manage or run your own salon we provide deep training on business planning. Our graduates will gain various valuable skills and knowledge to become a successful salon manager, provide leadership to staff and peers, manage customers and assess and maintain staff performance. For our graduate to successfully complete the hairdressing diploma you are required to complete ten total units which consists of six core units and four electives. These units include developing workplace policy and procedures for sustainability, leading teams in a personal services environment, managing treatment services and sales delivery, promoting a personal services business, reviewing human resource functions, provide a safe work environment, manage recruitment and selection processes, showing leadership in the workplace, managing people performance and marketing a small business. Our course is open to students who are eighteen years or older and our restriction on international students is that they need to have an IELTS scores of 5.5 or equivalent. Although we always recommend reaching out to our friendly team when you are looking to sign up for the diploma. Our hairdressing diploma will also allow any aspiring salon managers with previous experience the ability to apply for course credits.

Why Study Hairdressing?

Aside from your initial interest in looking into becoming a hairdresser, you may be asking yourself exactly why should you study hairdressing. Here we cover some more considerations around a career in hairdressing and why completing a hairdressing diploma can be the right path for you. Hairdressing brings level of passion and satisfaction when helping a client with their hair do. Building relationships and making people look good is satisfying and very fulfilling. If you are a visual person, hairdressing is a perfect career path as it allows you to express your creativity and flair when you’re helping a client choose their new look. Imagine getting paid to talk! Well that’s precisely what hairdressers will often experience while crafting their client’s new hairdo. If you love to be social and enjoy a good conversation, completing a hairdressing diploma and becoming a hairdresser is the perfect choice. Studying hairdressing can open doors like you would not believe. You can take this skill with you anywhere in the world and work in an array of setting from your typical salon, work from home for yourself, high-end boutique salon, hotels and all the way through to cutting hair for TV and Movie stars. Completing a hairdressing diploma in Bondi based means when you are asked where you completed your training, everyone will know the iconic location you learned the skills.

Different Hair Types

At AH&B College our teachers have had years of experience in the field and have had experience with every hair type you could possibly imagine. You might be thinking why is this so important? The importance behind having experience with different types of hair is knowing how different types of hair will react and hold up with different styles of cutting and the application of various products. Once you do complete our hairdressing diploma in Bondi, you will be equipped with a very good grasp on the different types of hair you are likely to come across in your career. We will provide a high level run down on what you’re likely to come across. You will come across straight hair, which has tendencies to be greasy and shiny; naturally wavy hair is also out there and you’ll find this type of hair tends to quite thick and can need to be worked a little more to get the desired style. Let’s not forget about curly hair! Curly hair has clearly defined, springy curls and it tends to be easy to style. The last main type of different hair we will touch on is very curly or can also be referred to as kinky hair. This type of hair tends to be coarse in texture and often sensitive and prone to damage by heat and product.

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