Where is AH&B College?

We are located in Bondi Junction, near to the bus and train station.


What is a CoE?

A CoE is a Certificate of Enrolment, you need this to apply for a student visa.


Can I get a student visa studying at AH&B College?

All of our courses are CRICOS registered which means that they qualify for visa purposes.


How long is my course?

The length of your course depends on what course you are doing:

Certificate IV in Business - 12 months

Diploma of Business - 12 months

Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management - 2 years

Certificate IV in Marketing & Communication - 12 months

Diploma of Marketing & Communication - 12 months 

Certificate III in Hairdressing - 12 months

Diploma of Salon Management - 9 months

How many hours a day should I study?

Home Affairs requires you to study for 20 hours a week, you should also do extra study at home.

How can I apply to AH&B College?

At the top of our website, there is an 'Apply Now' button. Click this and fill in an application form. We will then send you an Offer Letter via email.

What time will my Induction Day start?

Induction starts at 10 am on a Monday.


What do I need to bring to my Induction Day?

You must make sure that you bring your passport and your Enrolment Fee and Material Fee.

What happens on Induction Day?

You get to meet your new classmates. You will find out how the college operates and how you can successfully complete your course.

What happens if I miss my Induction Day?

If you miss your Induction Day then you are automatically rescheduled to attend the following week. You will have the pay the Rescheduling Fee.


Will I have access to laptops?

There are some laptops which are available for use during class, however, students are advised to bring their own laptops.


When can I take holidays?

Please see your course calendar for your holidays. The holidays are pre-determined and spread throughout the year. You should only take your holidays during your course holidays.


Do I have to meet any deadlines?

In our VET courses, students have to hand in all of their work by their course end date. Your course is split into Units of Competency (UoC). Your educator will advise you on when your assessment should be handed in for each unit.


I have already completed some of the units in my course, at a different college. Do I have to do them again?

If you have already been found competent in a unit then you do not have to do it again. You can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Please speak to a staff member for more information.

Where can I find my payment plan?

You can find your payment plan on your student portal. Click on the 'Student Login' button, sign in and you can see when your next payment is due.


I am at risk of being late with my payment. What should I do?

Come and speak to our helpful admin staff. We can discuss your options and see how we can help. If you know you are going to be late with payment then talk to us before you are in arrears.


Where can I track my course progress?

At the top of every page on our website is a link to the student portal. Click on the student login button, sign in and you can see what units you have completed.


I haven’t completed all of the Units of Competency in my course. What should I do?

You may need to re-enrol. You are advised that all units should be completed before you move onto the next course in your package. Speak to a member of the admin team.


I need to improve my English? What can I do?

We have English classes, during the day and in the evening. Speak to a member of staff to find out when they are and if you can attend.



Phone: +61 2 9389 0771
Email: admin@ahbc.com.au
ABN:    47107961642

AH&B College
Level 1, Royal Arcade
175-181 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2022